Home Fragrance


  • Candles

    As part of our ongoing love affair with pure essential oils, we have added them to each and every one of our candles to help create an ambient atmosphere and can even alter or enhance your mood. With signature fragrances to scent your home, whatever the mood, we’ve got a Candle for that.

  • The Art of Wax

    Did you know that a fragrance can transport you back to another place or time? We have carefully selected these scents to paint a picture of your dream destination for your home. With up to 20 hours of fragrance, just pop one into your burner and let it melt to fill your home with your favourite Bomb scents.

  • Little Hottie Wax Melts

    Mix and Match up to 4 different scents to create your own bespoke fragrance for the home.

  • Mini Melts

    Our highly fragranced Mini Melts are little pots of heaven scent to melt in your burner.

    Each individually hand poured Wax Melt can provide up to 15 hours worth of fragrance for your home.

  • Wax Burners

    Bring the latest Bomb fragrances into your home with wax melts inspired by our favourite scents. Just pick your favourite Wax Melt & pop it into one of our Wax Burners to fill your home with your signature scent.

  • Essential & Carrier Oils

    Our essential oils are colour co-ordinated to make it easier to use. Choose a carrier oil and a correspondingly coloured essential oil or oils to blend for the bath, body or burner. Never use essential oils undiluted on the skin!

  • Soy Wax Melts

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